Writer’s Block Café bids goodbye to The Alley at Karrivin

But returns as a milk tea place called Wilde


The Writer’s Block said goodbye to its Alley home, but only to transform into a tea place called Wilde.

The idea arrived to co-owner Jackie Arceo and her partner during a trip abroad when they noticed how milk tea is treated as a premium item rather than a grab-and-go beverage. “We had the privilege to kind of go wild with mixing and matching the different flavors here at Wilde [while using premium teas]” Arceo says.

Tea places are ubiquitous in the Philippines, but Wilde offers more than just a concoction of milk and tea. For example, they put pureed strawberry into their premium matcha milk tea to give the popular drink a sweet and tangy spin. The strawberries even serve as sinkers.

The Earl Grey tea has citrusy and earthy notes that might be too strong for others but Wilde mixes it with homemade caramel to balance the tea flavor with creamy sweetness.

Matcha strawberry
Tablea Chai
Oolong Potted Plant
Caramel Earl Grey

Although Wilde uses tea leaves from Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and China, their end goal is still to eventually utilize local tea—much like what their sister company Local Edition does for coffee. “There’s no local tea available here except for black tea and herbal tea. The demand for tea is not really comparable to coffee,” Arceo says.

“We’re trying to get people to like tea more to increase the demand so it will be sustainable for farmers to start farming tea.”

Chorizo and Jalapeno has chorizo from Tuguegarao, jalapeños, cheddar, and mozzarella.
The classic grilled cheese features kesong puti and mozzarella.
nolisoli eats restaurant wilde
Nutella grilled cheese

While some of the Writer’s Block pastries are still on the menu, Wilde introduces a Local Edition staple into the fold: grilled cheese. While the classic grilled cheese is a safe choice, you can be more adventurous with their s’mores-like Nutella grilled cheese. It may sound weird at first, but the cream cheese and mozzarella tone down the chocolate’s sweetness. If you’re craving something savory, go for their chorizo and jalapeño grilled cheese.

The space remains the same, but you’ll find a new painting designed by Dan Matutina and painted by Nathania Aritao.

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