The views and the booze at Katipunan’s first rooftop bar

Their lychee mojito is worth the climb to this al fresco bar


Ever fantasize about your perfect night out with friends? Well, imagine this. You’re sitting under the stars, sipping a tastefully made cocktail with the wind breezing through your hair. The bar is spacious and you can actually have a nice chat with your friends without having to yell over raucous music or a loud crowd. The drinks are beautifully prepared, definitely Instagrammable, and, most importantly, affordable.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. This fantastical sounding drinking joint does exist just along Esteban Abada, across Ateneo de Manila University.

The bar is located on the balcony of the CCA Building along Esteban Abada

The Rooftop is Katipunan’s first rooftop bar co-owned by a group of friends, fresh graduates who got together and decided to open an alternative to Katipunan’s usual congested hole-in-the-wall bars, somewhere you can drink with your peers without rubbing elbows with strangers. Coincidentally, one of them, namely Pia Trinidad had a vacant space on the balcony of the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) building owned by her parents. After that, everything just fell into place.

Pineapple Spritz
For now, they have umbrellas at the sides to shade patrons from the sun or light rain. There are future plans for a tent though.
From your seat, you can enjoy the Katipunan horizon
Rum & Coke

During the day, you can partake in the slightly creepy but more or less socially acceptable practice of people-watching. Relax your mind with watching cars passing by or quietly appreciating the view of rusted roofs against green trees. At night, the balcony lights up with golden Christmas lights, letting you enjoy a view of the stars.

Since this rooftop bar is so high up, reaching it is a bit of a quest and a climb. They don’t have a sign yet, so you’ll have to rely on the guard’s directions getting there. But, that’s part of the charm. And once you do find the door to The Rooftop (hint: it’s on the third floor), you will be rewarded with your choice of summery craft cocktails and ice cold beers. 

Fun fact: they also pegged the look of their humble bar on us!
Lychee mojito
Dark & stormy, made of scotch, ginger ale, and lime
You can sit at the bar and drink under the shade of a tree

Front and center are their cocktails which are incredibly tasty and decently strong considering their price. They have their signature cocktails—the citrusy scotch concoction called Dark & Stormy, a fruity Pineapple Spritz perfect for a hot day, and a sour and arguably healthy Soju Yakult. They also have classic drinks like the rum and coke and the gin and tonic.

Their bestseller though is their lychee mojito, a glass of which completes this little getaway fantasy. It’s sweet thanks to the syrup, and invigorating thanks to the mint leaves. With a whole lychee dunked right in the middle, it also makes for quite the Instagram shot.

With local food concessionaires coming and going every other month, The Rooftop successfully realizes the ideal city getaway, seducing you with that deadly combo of classy, cheap, and convenient.

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