Feb 6, 2019

The rise of sustainable living has catapulted to the mainstream in recent years (not complaining, just stating a feel-good fact). This is thanks in part to the booming of stores which carry package-free essentials as well as reusable everyday objects that once used to be very hard to procure.

katha zero-waste store

One of the newest players in the game is Katha Lifestyle Store in Cubao Expo. They encourage customers to bring their own containers when buying refillable essentials like personal hygiene products, food items like oatmeal, chia seeds, and grains, and cleaning agents.

katha zero-waste store

Apart from the usual offerings of an eco-friendly hub, Katha also plans to launch a delivery service this year. All of its transactions will be package-free, of course.

katha zero-waste store

katha zero-waste store

On top of these, you can also drop off your eco-bricks at their space. 


Photos courtesy of Albie Gimena
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