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Want to give sustainable clothing to the fashion-forward people in your life? Check these local brands

Want to give sustainable clothing to the fashion-forward people in your life? Check these local brands

  • From upcycled pieces to sustainable jewelry, these environment-friendly staples will help your fashionista friends stay green this holiday season

The fashion industry is considered one of the top pollutants to date. According to the World Economic Forum, it makes up 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. About 85% of garments end up in landfills and the microplastics found in them compose up to 31% of plastic pollution in bodies of water.

Thankfully, there’s a way to somehow minimize this environmental threat without sacrificing style: Introduce sustainable clothing to everyone, especially to those who love dressing up to the nines. No idea where to start? Here are some gift ideas that will put your fashionista friends in a green state of mind this holiday season!

Scoop dress

Every fashion-forward person will love this versatile and timeless piece from Apara—a breathable, loose-fitting scoop dress. The scoop at the neckline creates a flattering and feminine silhouette while the drop waist creates a comfortable modern look. You can either pair it with a pair of drawstring pants for a homey twist or wear a fitted turtleneck top inside for a chic touch.

Besides using materials that are considerate to the environment, Apara also embraces small-batch production to further reduce the brand’s carbon footprint.

White sneakers

Who wouldn’t love a pair of classic white sneakers? It goes well with nearly any outfit—from jeans and jumpsuits to skirts and dresses. For a more eco-friendly version of this fashion staple, try purchasing a pair from Lakat Sustainables.

The brand uses handwoven pineapple and cotton fabrics from Bicol and Negros Oriental for the uppers, shoe laces, and footbeds, and natural rubber from Mindanao for the outsoles. It’s available in two designs: low-cut for P3,960 and high-cut for P4,220.

Multi-wear ankle cuff

With all the talk on fashion, style, and trends, it’s easy to get caught up in present-day fads. But unlike many other trends, ankle bracelets are back in style and here to stay! All you need now is an up-to-date piece that’s easy to take on or off and is durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

Don’t know where to get one? Rich Earth Jewelry has collaborated with Save Philippine Seas (a non-government organization that aims to protect the country’s marine resources) to produce colorful multi-wear ankle cuffs. A portion of the sales will be utilized to fund the NGO’s projects and programs.

Bucket hat

If you’re looking for something to finish off any look, don’t neglect bucket hats—this season’s hottest trend. They are great for keeping out the sun, keeping warm in cooler climates, or simply adding a little pizzazz to your outfit.

Bucket hats come in many colors and shapes; some are wide brims with flat tops while others have crowns that curve up at the top—but Sinag The Label is taking it up a notch by using katsa for their pieces. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.


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