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Gift guide: What you should get the (feeling) titas and titos in your life

Gift guide: What you should get the (feeling) titas and titos in your life

  • Socks and underwear are superior Christmas gifts and you cannot convince us otherwise

Christmas is different when you’re older. Instead of being awed by the sparkling lights and pretty decor, you’re likely more worried about the rising cost of goods and the god awful traffic situation. Being annoyed by the Christmas rush and the economy are signs that you’ve graduated into tita or tito-hood. 

As we mature, our Christmas list also changes. Coincidentally, the things we now want are things we used to hate receiving as children. One day, you’re mooning over things like concert tickets or the trendiest apparel—but then you blink and suddenly you’re filling your wish list with things like socks and vitamins. 

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Of course, everyone probably still moons over the tickets and the clothes, but growing older means your tastes have changed. More practical gifts have overtaken the top section of your wish lists. This isn’t necessarily either a good or bad thing, it just means that time has taken its toll on us all. 

As a self-confessed tita, the following items on this list are things that other self-confessed titas and titos might want. Most of the items on this list are practical and address common tita experiences (like taking care of your health and experiencing back pain). 

And for those of you who are reading this and know me IRL, yes, I want everything on this list, yes, my boss signed off on this, and no, you don’t have to get me anything (unless you really want to). 

Socks and underwear

Getting socks and underwear for Christmas was the number one thing I hated as a kid. I used to think to myself, “Why can’t this be a Barbie doll instead?” Little did little me know, socks and underwear are two of the things you can’t have enough of when you’re older—and the good quality kinds can fetch ridiculous prices. 

So yes, socks and underwear are a supreme gift. It’s also such a crowd pleaser—at least for those of a certain age. 

A good insurance plan

No matter what age you are, thinking about insurance means you’ve already reached mano levels for everyone under the age of 15. The premiums on any type of insurance can be expensive. And there are so many different types of insurance. Whether it be life, health, car, pet, or whatever type of insurance exists out there, you probably need at least one to live securely. 

Fetching the installment of an insurance premium (or the whole sum if you’re a high roller) can take a lot of stress off of someone’s shoulders. It’s also a very meaningful way to wish someone a merry Christmas. 


Taking vitamins as a child was the bane of my existence. Unless they were in chewable, flavored form, I’d fight tooth and nail against it—which I’m pretty sure is a very common, shared experience. 

Vitamins—like most of the things on the list—are something we never realized was both necessary and expensive as children. While it may not be necessary for people who eat healthy, well-balanced meals, it’s certainly required for those of us who forget to eat from time to time (which is something I’m guilty of). 

An assorted pack of multivitamins as a Christmas gift will surely put the sparkle in the eye of whoever’s on the receiving end of it. Trust me. 

Minty balms, oils, and sticks are essential items in any tita or tito’s kits. The minute a headache (or literally any type of pain) strikes, a bottle of White Flower, a tub of Vicks, and a stick of the Poy-Sian, is the first line of defense. 

I’m personally unsure of the science behind this, but I am sure of its efficacy. While titas and titos most probably have their own supply, an extra unit or two of Efficascent, Katingko, or Tiger Balm would still be well received. If you really want to impress, buy them a gift box filled with a variety of minty products. 

Cleaning products

For your giftee who has their own space, another thing that they’ll likely appreciate is cleaning products. It may seem weird to give toilet cleaner or dish soap as a gift, but receiving a year-long supply of cleaning products will put anyone living away from their parents in an excellent mood. 

Good quality cleaning products can be expensive. And buying eco-friendly options, which are usually in bulk, can be a pain to lug around and bring home. Gifting them a bulk set relieves them of the monetary and physical burden of having to buy any of this stuff themselves. 

Fancy back massagers

At the end of the day, all anyone really wants is to relax and decompress. A big part of that can be getting a massage. Going to the spa and getting a massage is nice from time to time, but it can be time consuming, expensive, and inconvenient for people who are allergic to traffic. 

Having a fancy back massager at home delivers a similar experience without the hassle. There are different price points to back massagers, but the really fancy ones can cost up to hundreds of thousands of pesos. If you’re looking to splurge for a gift, this is one to go for. 

After all, back pain is what unites titas and titos all around the world. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.


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