May 10, 2017

Current obsession: Jewelmer pearl pendant

I never thought I was a pearl person, until I saw this

My mom is a big fan of pearls. So much so that in fourth grade she gifted me with a pair so large that my ears drooped for a year.

It took me awhile to get into pearls. At that age, I was too busy singing Like a Prayer to my hairbrush in front of the mirror while wearing clip-on earrings the size of my face to appreciate the charm of pearls. Granted, I was nine.

nolisoli blog jewelmer pearl

Twenty-plus years later, I discovered Jewelmer Joaillerie’s Petits Bonheurs collection, featuring a single pearl accompanied by a charm crafted from 18K gold. A champagne pearl is paired with a gold charm of your choice.

nolisoli blog jewelmer pearl

Charms include a donut, suitcase, tulip, beach chair, palm tree, clover (my fave) and even a sailboat.

They work equally well for precocious fourth-graders with a Madonna fixation and a 35-year-old with a Mariah complex.

Find the collection here.


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