May 14, 2017

The Philippine seas are home to various creatures: 2,000 fish species, 5,000 species of clams, mollusks, and crustaceans, 22 species of whales and dolphins, more than 900 species of seaweed, and more than 400 species of corals. Although we haven’t seen even half of what else lies under the ocean, designer Ken Samudio already culls inspiration from the diversity of life it supports.

His background in biology and marine biodiversity led him to mimic the vast wonders hidden underwater in his everyday accessories. “I find the underwater equally, if not more fascinating than what’s found above the water. There is so much life, so much color—[these creatures are] oblivious of one another yet exist in a symbiotic, harmonious relationship that makes up one of the most ecologically diverse ecosystems in the world,” he says.

From his recent coral-inspired collection, Samudio continues to design accessories with the concept and materials centered on the ocean. This time, he created earrings in forms of a seahorse, a starfish, and other sea creatures. Featuring responsibly sourced and natural mother-of-pearls inlaid in brass, the colorful earrings are all handmade. Wear them either in the city or by the beach and feel like you’re part of the mysterious (water) world.

Ken Samudio. 0917-4946140.

This story was originally published in Northern Living, May 2017.

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