Jun 8, 2017

The Department of Tourism (DOT) is set to debut their new slogan for 2017 in time for the Independence Day on June 12. They have already showcased teasers and sneak peeks during their press launch. The slogan, “Experience the Philippines,” seems to touch on the more intimate side of Filipinos, highlighting the Philippines as warm and hospitable. Banking on nostalgia and a sense of being “home away from home,” the DOT TV commercial “Anak” that was released three months ago preluded this year’s campaign theme.

Looking back at the DOT’s last campaigns, it depended less on the cheesy telenovela scenes with the tear-jerking musical scores, and highlighted the Philippines as a country with fun-loving, humorous people. Remember this adorable commercial?

Though the years, the DOT has come up with a number of slogans.

Then before that, DOT released their 2010 slogan, “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” that received much flak for its alleged plagiarism from Poland’s tourism campaign. The short-lived campaign was replaced with “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” in 2012. Check out the video of the unveiling of the DOT slogan below.

In 2002, along with the World Exposition that was unfortunately cancelled due to financial difficulties with the government, the tourism slogan that the country bore was “WOW Philippines,” which held a number of meanings to whoever owned it (World of Wonders, Warm Over Winter, Wealth of Wonder, etc.). The slogan retained with various commercials until 2010.

And even one that featured Regine Velasquez in full adventure mode.

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