Melt down with Elait’s artisanal rolled ice cream

Rainy season got you down? Get a pick-me-up from this delightful ice cream stall


Famous American entrepreneur Jim Rohn once said, “happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”

Well then, if happiness is something you design, Elait is definitely the place to go and do it.

With an impressive collection of ice cream flavors, toppings, and syrups, this darling ice cream stall allows customers to customize their own special rolled ice cream sundae.

The stall can be found on the second floor of Century City Mall
The stall can be found on the second floor of Century City Mall
Each rolled ice cream is made right before your eyes

The fun doesn’t stop there. After playing around with the rolled ice cream itself, you can go ahead and get crazy with the toppings. They have sweets, nuts, fruits, coffee, popcorn, bacon and more. The stall tries to have every ingredient locally sourced as much as possible, from the peanut butter to the milk used in the ice cream.

They use Nanay Pacing’s homemade peanut butter, also locally sourced
The milk that they use is also locally sourced from Hacienda Macalauan. It’s the milk of a pampered cow.

If you’re not feeling up to experimenting with your palate, they have a menu of artisanal rolled ice cream combinations. For something familiar, try their strawberry trifle. Playing on just the right side of tart, this oldie-but-a-goodie is sure to hit that sweet spot. For the more adventurous crowd, the salted egg surprise is the one for you. They top the salted ice-cream with tomato jam, more salted egg, caramel, and popcorn. Some say it’s like ice cream breakfast, I say it’s the answer for those craving for something salty and sweet at the same time.

You can make your own ice cream or get one of their artisanal creations for just P180.

Salted egg surprise
Strawberry trifle
Our own creation, we call it Berry Good!
Ube flan

Not only does Elait give you a taste of ingenious ice cream combinations, the hands behind the metaphorical ice cream wheel build on the experience too. Happiness is translated through the palate and through the staff thanks to Elait’s deaf staff members. Customers are encouraged to learn  basic sign language as they order with visual guides easily seen hanging on the stall.

Chief Operating Officer Francis Reyes tells us that he aspires to normalize learning Filipino Sign Language (FSL) and hiring deaf employees as well. “If you really think about it, it’s nothing but a language barrier.”

They made sign boards teaching customers basic sign language to be able to communicate with their staff.

When asked why ice cream partnered with this advocacy, his answer is this. “You don’t just feel good that you’re supporting them, you help them make something that tastes good as well.”

Here’s to entrepreneurs who know how to use an opportunity to their advantage, and give opportunity to those who need it as well.


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