Dec 3, 2016

Gloria Romero
At the peak of Gloria Romero’s career, she was acknowledged as the queen of Philippine movies. She was introduced to the scene by her uncle, who worked as chief editor at Sampaguita Pictures. It didn’t take long for Romero’s beauty and talent to put her on top, and she was soon snagging award-winning roles in blockbuster movies such as 1955’s Dalagang Ilocana.

The ’50s weren’t the end of her golden years, though: Romero went on to become one of today’s most respected actresses.

Get the look: Born to a Filipino father and an American mother, her refined “mixed” beauty defined a decade. Her deep-set eyes and wide lips were what people took notice of, and her standard makeup was clean, with impeccably shaped brows and red lips. The trick to get this look is to keep the brows as thick as possible but well groomed. For the lips, opt for a matte red shade rather than a glossy one for that old world feel.

Fernando Poe, Jr.
Known as “Da King” and famed for his action roles, FPJ started in the film industry as a messenger boy. He got his big break in the 1957 hit movie Lo Waist Gang. One movie led to another, with Poe in roles that pictured him as the champion of the poor, and his most iconic role is the notable character Flavio in the 1980 film Ang Panday.

Get the look: The late actor is known for his short curly hair and sideburns, a look that was a distinct representation of the ’70s. Though they seem old-fashioned, sideburns are slowly resurging through hipster culture. Men of today can sport them by letting their facial hair grow for about four weeks. Once the desired hair thickness is achieved, shave accordingly. If your face is long and skinny, go for long and thick sideburns; if you have a rounder face, shave them short and thin.

Pilita Corrales

Dubbed as Asia’s Queen of Songs in the ’60s, Pilita Corrales began her recording career in 1958 in Australia. She also holds the distinction of being the first Filipino female artist to make it in the Australian pop music charts. She performed regularly in stage shows at the Manila Grand Opera House and got to sing with internationally acclaimed artists such as Sammy Davis Jr. and Julie Andrews. With over 135 albums to her credit and an international profile, Corrales is one of the Philippines’ most celebrated singers.

Get the look: Her look was dramatic and representative of the ’60s. Corrales had glowing skin, high-arched brows, nude lips, and graphic eyeliner. To make this look wearable today, simplify it. The eyes are the focal point of any Mod look, so try a small cat’s eye by adding just a thick of eyeliner at the outer corners of the upper lashline, and amp up the lashes by applying two coats of mascara. Just add balm to the lips to keep them smooth and natural-looking.


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