Jun 23, 2017

Another protester was killed in the nearly daily demonstrations at Caracas, Venezuela last Thursday, June 22. The opposition believed that he was killed by a bullet shot by the National Guard. Just a few months ago, according to the opposition, a 17-year old boy died when a canister of tear gas hit his chest. Even with over 1,000 injured and 3,000 already arrested, Venezuela’s protests don’t look like they’re going to slow down anytime soon especially with Venezuelan President Maduro using physical force to gain further stronghold of the country as he fights off calls for elections and continues using his emergency powers.

What else is odd is that these protests are gaining minimal media attention. Fortunately, Venezuelan locals themselves of the opposition are already posting firsthand accounts on the internet. One user on Imgur posts at least a photo of the situation each day,as he himself is a part of the opposition. Check out his haunting photos below.

All photos courtesy of Imgur user IneverCommentButWhenIdo

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