Jun 28, 2017

The internet is a dangerous place. Recent viral posts on the said platform include women who claim that their images have been shared on a perverted group. Then, there are those whose identities are stolen and used for malevolent deeds.

In India, people are encouraged not to put their faces on the platform as a form of protection. Such cases led Facebook to introduce a new privacy feature.

With the new profile picture protection feature, users can protect their photos from being sent, saved, and shared by strangers. People won’t be able to take a screenshot of your picture as well—this particular feature is only available on Android as of now. Aside from that, people won‘t be able to tag themselves on your picture as well.

When the feature is activated, a blue border will appear on your profile picture. The border, according to Facebook, acts as a symbol of protection. According to their preliminary study, the presence of the border also stops other users from copying the image.

The feature is only available in India as of now. However, we wish that it would be available everywhere soon. In the meantime, always check and fix your privacy settings according to your preference, don’t put your address and full birthdate on Facebook, put your pictures on private, and as your parents have warned you, don’t talk to (or accept) strangers.

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