Jun 29, 2017

There’s now a bill approved by the House of Representatives last Monday requiring everyone to sing Lupang Hinirang enthusiastically when publicly played.

To those who violate any of its provisions, House Bill No. 5224 has punishments—from P50,000 to P100,000 and a year in prison, heavier than the P5,000 to P20,000 of the current Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines of 1998.

If the Senate approves, everyone will be obligated to sing along when the national anthem is played in public gatherings and do it with “fervor” in accordance with Juan Felipe’s musical arrangement and composition: in 2/4 beat when played, and within the range of 100 to 120 metronome, in 4/4 beat when sang. The National Historical Commission of the Philippines will disseminate an official music score sheet to ensure the interpretation is standard.

All must stand at attention in the standard salute with right palm over the left chest, facing the Philippine flag, if displayed, or the band or conductor.


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“The military and those in military training and security guards in uniform shall give the salute prescribed by their regulations. The salute shall be completed upon the last note of the anthem,” the bill also states.

For the people whose faith or religious beliefs prohibit them from singing the anthem, on the other hand, they are still required to “nonetheless, show full respect when the anthem is being sung or played on record by standing at attention.”

It should go without saying, but the bill also demands schools to ensure every student memorizes the words and knows how to properly sing the national anthem.

In addition, it removes the current flag code’s restriction on the display of the Philippine flag in front of “buildings and offices occupied by aliens.”

With a unanimous vote of 212-0, the bill is now seeking approval from the Senate.


Featured image courtesy of Inquirer.net

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