Jul 6, 2017

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has released the latest revision of their Anti-Distracted Driving Act (ADDA), and this time all gadgets are hands off.

Under the revised ADDA, all forms of distraction involving a gadget while driving can and will be fined. This includes holding your device for taking and making calls, sending and receiving messages, performing calculations, playing games, and watching videos.

The fine will rang from P5,000 for first time offenders to P20,000 for those who go beyond the third offence. MMDA officers are instructed to catch violators through their no contact apprehension policy, but motorists can be flagged down if they are caught visibly using their gadgets while driving.

ADDA primer from the Department of Tourism

Lawyer Victor Nuñez, the MMDA’s liaison officer, also clarifies that a ticket from one city does not exempt a driver from being fined another ticket should they be caught violating the rule again. In other words, a ticket in Pasay is not a pass from a ticket in Mandaluyong should you text-and-drive again.

With the new ADDA, it’s going to be harder for motorists to fend off boredom while treading Manila’s crawling traffic. Where are we to look for entertainment now while waiting out EDSA’s epic traffic jam?

Filipino Waze take the wheel

With upcoming plans to feature Filipino personalities as new voice options for the navigation app, Waze might just be your new entertainment for the ride.

In a video posted by facebook user Chino Liu, the blogger makes uncannily accurate impressions of various Filipino personalities as your guide through the metro.

From the aggressive intonations of Mike Enriquez to the high-pitched exclamations of the iconic comedian Babalu, Liu shows us all the amusing possibilities of what Filipino Waze could be.

Listen to all of his impressions in the video below.

Photos courtesy of inquirer.net, unsplash.com, and pixabay.com


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