Jul 6, 2017

In the course of our lives, we’ll all come across a dish or a restaurant that we’ll just fall in love with. Yes, like a person. And just like how we fall in love with people—sometimes for the most unexpected reasons—these dishes and restaurants often come in unexpected forms. Take Manang’s, for example.

Opened in Ateneo de Manila University in 1990, Manang’s was a simple carinderia beside the college covered courts that has been a witness to almost everything by now: tired, sweaty students winding down after PE or varsity training, coaches and professors dropping by for a meal, and I’m sure it has been featured in dozens of student films over the years, too.

Manang’s is an institution. It’s one of the first things you’ll ever hear about as a freshie. It’s in the orientation guide book. You probably can’t even call yourself a true Atenean without trying at least just their grilled liempo. Alumni even bring their children there.

So imagine the collective panic Ateneans both inside and outside the campus have expressed when an announcement was made a month ago saying Manang’s was closing.

The university administration was quick to dispel the rumor though, saying Manang’s will remain open. Then there was a collective sigh of relief.

But just yesterday, a memo from the associate dean of student and administrative services was released, saying that Manang’s “Foodhouse/Clubhouse”, which is currently closed for the summer, will no longer be renewing their contract. “Manang’s health has not been as robust as she wishes it could be and they have decided that perhaps it is best to follow their original plan to enjoy as many years as possible in retirement. Due to Manang’s health problems, her family wishes to concentrate on assisting Manang at this time.”

And while it is with a heavy heart that Ateneans say goodbye to this fixture in the university, we also have to agree that it’s important to put ones health first.

Though there’s no chance to try Manang’s liempo one last time, there’s still time to reminisce.

Wednesday Brunch

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Bye, Manang’s.


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