Jul 10, 2017

The circle abaca bag you’ve always wanted

This locally-made version ticks all the right boxes

You’ve probably seen them on L.A. girls, toting their circle bags while shopping the Rodin skincare aisle or checking the new shipments at Bird or Mohawk General Store.

LA bag designer Clare V offered her take on the circle bag. This is a petite version in black.

Saturday look complete with the new Alice in black with red and navy stripes ✨ #myclarev

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She also came out with a large playful version, embellished with a jaunty red stripe.

@haleboyd on holiday with Petit Alice. Available on clarev.com! 😍 #cvambassador

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Now a local label called Wenya recently debuted their take on the circle bag, which they’ve dubbed the “Giullana” bag. Made from abaca leaves, with a fully-lined drawstring enclosure, they come in a roomy 11-inch size.

Wenya’s bags come in three colors and work for city or low-key out of town jaunts.

Wenya is Philippine made, their products crafted by a local community of weavers—so declares their IG bio. If you’re into it, email [email protected] to order.

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Bea Ledesma

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