Jul 10, 2017

Monday is off to a bad start, especially for actress Jolina Magdangal. At around 1:30 this morning, while on her way to the airport with her husband and son, a van crashed into the back of their SUV. The family was rushed to the hospital soon after, but according to reports, only Jolina had sustained injuries (a bump on her head).

The crash wrecked not only the back of Magdangal’s SUV, but also the front of the erring van. The van driver also ended up trapped inside, but was later also brought to the hospital. According to reports, Magdangal’s SUV stopped at a traffic light in front of the Philippine Heart Center, when the van suddenly collided into them.
In case you also find yourself in a road accident, here’s what you can do, according to MMDA:

Check if everyone involved in the accident is safe
Whether you’re involved in a major or minor accident, making sure that all people are safe is the top priority. Check if anyone is injured, and get ready to administer first aid or call for medical assistance should there be a need.

Take pictures of the accident
No, this isn’t for Twitter or Instagram—take photos of the vehicles and the surrounding area so you can use these as proof once you start discussing the with the other part or the traffic and police personnel. We can’t deny the fact that sometimes, other people will try to put the blame on you. You can use photos to prove your side just in case.

Move your vehicles to the side of the road
Once everyone’s safe and enough photos have been taken of the situation, you can move your cars to a less obtrusive area so as to not block the road. It will also help to turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers so they can avoid you (and not cause an even bigger accident).

Talk to the other driver (calmly!)
It’s easy to let your shock and anger overcome you when you get into an accident. But aggression and violence will do nothing to resolve the situation. Calmly talk to the other driver to get their name, address, contact information, insurance details, and also note down their car details. Be sure to give your information to them as well. You can settle the matter yourselves, or call the MMDA hotline (136) to get traffic enforcers and investigators to help. Either way, do not leave the scene until the matter is settled.

Get your vehicle fixed
See how you can get your car (and the other driver’s car, in case your settlement calls for it) fixed. Call your insurance provider to inform them about the accident. Give them your story of the event, and be sure to check what your insurance policy covers.

File an accident report
You might also be asked to file a report for the police, so be sure to get this ready quickly. The report will also help with the insurance claims process, should you need to get it.

The best way to deal with road accidents though, is still to avoid it. Practice defensive driving, and follow traffic rules. Stay safe on the road!

Header image courtesy of Inquirer.net

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