Jul 17, 2017

For the first time ever, the Venice Film Festival of La Biennale di Venezia is making its way to the Philippines. The event marks the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Italy and the Philippines. Held appropriately at the Venice Grand Canal Mall at McKinley Hill, the film fest will run from July 26 to 31. And here’s the good news, the first two screenings (early afternoon) will be offered for free, while the last two (early evening) will be offered at just P 50. 

Here’s a look at the films both Italian and Filipino at the Venice Film Festival.

1. Piuma

An unexpected pregnancy turns a couple’s nine months a challenge not to lose their “purity and unique poetic air” as they go through a series of exciting and memorable experiences.


2. Tomasso

A comedy-drama written, directed and produced by the star of the film, Kim Rossi Stuart, the movie focuses on Tomasso, the main character who leaves his wife only to meet a new woman who will turn it all around.


3. Liberami

A documentary on exorcism sanctioned by the Catholic Church, Liberami unfolds a darker world that touches on mental health and the conformity of religion.


4. Profumo di Donna

You may have seen the 1992 American remake with Al Pacino. The film made in 1974 features an army cadet who accompanies a blind grouchy captain on a trip from Naples to Turin. The blind captain meets a beautiful woman who falls in love with him and he treats her cruelly. Relatable? Definitely.


5. Processo alla Città

The 1952 drama revolves around the Cuocolo murders in the 1900s. The film features the struggle for the control of Naples by the Camorra, the early beginnings of the mafia. Directed by Luigi Zampa, it was coined as his most distinguished film.


6. Questi Giorni

A story on a group of girl friends who follow one of their own when she accepts a job at a far-off hotel. The result? An epic road trip akin to the Yaya Sisterhood.


7. Orrechie

Literally translating to “ears,” a man wakes up with a ringing sound in his ears to find a note on his fridge saying his friend is dead. He has no memory of the recent events that transpired. The tragicomedy is showcased in black and white.


8. L’estate Addosso

The story evolves around a gay couple living in San Francisco who take in a couple from Italy. The film shows the evolution of their relationships as they go through pain and joy.


Among the Italian films include multi-awarded Filipino indie films:

9. Jay

A story about a filmmaker producing a documentary on a gay hate crime. The film focuses on two protagonists bearing the same name: Jay. While Jay digs deeper into the life and love of his dead namesake, he discovers more than he should and finds out the truth is never what you think it is. Also, it was the unanimous choice for the Best Film Award in the Full-Length category of the 2008 Cinemalaya Philippine Film Festival.

10. Thy Womb

Brilliante Mendoza’s entry in the 2012 Metro Film Festival, it features a midwife played by Nora Aunor who copes with her own infertility in the gypsy community. The film competed for the Golden Lion in the 69th Venice International Film Festival and  was awarded various special prizes by other Italian film groups.


11. Ang Babaeng Humayo

A Lav Diaz film shot entirely in black and white, the drama bagged the Golden Lion in the 73rd Venice International Film Festival. It features Charo Santos-Concio who returned to acting as a newly pardoned prisoner of 30 years who plans to take revenge on her former lover.



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