Aug 4, 2017

Let’s not play innocent: There are so many ways to use cannabis that doesn’t involve smoking a joint. Recipes for cannabis edibles and drinkables, such as cookies, brownies, and even tea, are readily available with just a few clicks on your browser. The earliest recipe—or at least the most notable published one—dates back to 1954: The recipe for “Hashish Fudge” was included in The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook, one of the most popular cookbooks of all time.

The problem with including cannabis in recipes is ensuring that the correct dosage and flavor is kept. But San Francisco’s gourmet market seems to have found a solution in the form of sustainable cannabis-infused olive oil brand, Pot d’Huile (PdH).

nolisoli eats food trend the get pot d'huile cannabis olive oil
Pot d‘Huile

Launched just last month, PdH is made of California-grown cannabis flowers and extra virgin olive oil sourced from a small family farm also in California. This infused olive oil was created to make tracking dosages easier, while also having a neutral flavor, to ensure that anything you cook won’t have the sometimes disagreeable flavor of cannabis.

“Dosage inconsistency in the edibles space is rampant, and we wanted to develop a sophisticated product to combat that issue—one that provided a safe, easy, and consistent solution for precise dosage control,” says PdH founder Yannick Crespo. It was meant to be a gourmet brand that could be up to par with other premium olive oils, Crespo says, and it’s clearly evident even by just looking at their packaging.

nolisoli eats food trend the get pot d'huile cannabis olive oil
PdH can be used to make a variety of dishes, spreads, and dips. You can make hummus, too.

The cannabis-infused olive oil of PdG comes in a sleek glass flask, with an easy-to-understand label noting dosage measurements: One milliliter of PdH oil contains one milligram of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical in cannabis responsible for the psychological effects you get when ingesting it). A teaspoon (or 5 mg) of oil then means that you’re ingesting 5 mg of THC. This simple conversion makes adjusting dosages easier for the cook.

By infusing cannabis into olive oil, this gives users the power of versatility in the dishes they can create. PdH can be used in salads, pasta, aioli, cookies, banana bread, quiche, hummus, and even empanadas.

PdH is only currently available in San Francisco, in 25ml and 125ml sizes. For more information (recipes, how to use), check out PdH’s website.


Photos courtesy of Pot d’Huile.

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