May 12, 2017

The Beo Sound Moment is an exciting new device from Danish brand Bang & Olufsen. With its sleek design—with one side done in elegant aluminum for browsing cloud-based music and the other in touch-sensitive oak for shuffling through your playlist—the Beo Sound Moment gets to know you with every touch.

PatternPlay familiarizes itself with your listening habits and taste in music by memorizing your preferences and suggesting songs that you most likely want to hear. It also clues in on the relevant day of the week, queueing up playlists and radio programs suitable for the time of day. The MoodWheel complements your state of mind with songs based on the color of your emotion. With time, the Beo Sound Moment stops being a machine. It becomes the reliable companion you can come home to, one that doesn’t mind if you’re late.

Bang & Olufsen, 2F East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Pasig City.

This story was originally published in Northern Living, February 2016.

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