Aug 17, 2017

So Uber is officially out of the transportation grid for a whole month thanks to the LTFRB’s rushed decision into its cease and desist order of their operations through the mobile booking app. I’m sure you’ve felt its immediate effects too. We’re back to hailing cabs with drivers more confident than ever to extort money (just as much as LTFRB, in my opinion), braving dark roads alone because no cab will take us, or for some like me, biking at ungodly hours just to make it home on time to see their kid. Sure, Grab is still alive and well, but the demand is still too high for just one established TNVS operator alone.

But forget about us. Think of all the Uber drivers who used the app as their means to survive. Like Pilo for example, who’s making rounds on social media because he just lost his only means of living with the cruel and absurd judgment of LTFRB.


Luckily, the Filipino spirit is not lost. Let’s help Uber drivers like Pilo and book them directly. It’s a glaring loophole we can take advantage of. For all our sakes.

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