Bacon, eggs, and tomatoes on soba? It could work

Hanamaruken’s new menu challenges what we think of noodles

By now, we’ve become so exposed to ramen that it’s probably already obvious that there are as many variations as there are cities or even islands in this country. No two shoyu ramens taste the same, and that’s not a bad thing.

One of Japan’s many popular food chains, Hanamaruken, has come up with even newer ways to enjoy the noodle dish here in the country.

Their new menu highlights flavors and combinations that seem to stray a bit from standard, but surprisingly work.

nolisoliph eats restaurant hanamaruken
The ebi ramen comes with creamy broth, and topped with tiger prawns and eggs.
nolisoliph eats restaurant hanamaruken
A mix of cool and spicy, the hiyashi ebi has chilled noodles in a lightly salty-tart soy yuzu sauce.

Take their bacon, tomato, and egg soba for example. The noodles don’t come with a broth, but instead are tossed in tomato oil and tare (a special sauce). They’re served with bits of thick-cut bacon, tomato confit, and poached egg. Watching the egg yolk ooze out and mix with the bacon and noodles reminds me of breakfast.

If you’re tired of the usual soy sauce- or miso-based broth, the ebi ramen provides an alternative. It has a creamy broth that’s laced with a tinge of brine thanks to the seafood, and it’s topped with tiger prawns and aji tamago. The prawns have a mildly sweet, juicy taste to them, balancing out the broth’s creaminess.

nolisoliph eats restaurant hanamaruken
Bacon, tomato, and egg soba. Instead of coming with broth, the noodles are tossed in tomato oil and tare.
nolisoliph eats restaurant hanamaruken
Green tea iced tea. Instead of the traditional matcha prepared hot, Hanamaruken serves theirs iced, for a more refreshing drink.

For warmer days, hiyashi ebi with soy sesame dressing. The chilled noodles take on a light salty-tart flavor thanks to the soy yuzu sauce. There’s also a bit of spice after slurping each mouthful of noodles, but it’s not overpowering. I guess the noodle’s temperature is to thank for that. It also comes topped with tiger prawns.

nolisoliph eats restaurant hanamaruken
Aside from ramen, they also have their own version of oyakodon on the menu. Unlike the usual oyakodon, it’s coated and doused in a mix of thick, sweetened soy sauce and tare.


nolisoliph eats restaurant hanamaruken
After savoring all the ramen’s umami, enjoy a chocolate lava or matcha lava cake. Both come topped with vanilla ice cream. The cake is quite dense, and the flavors are very rich and intense, so it’s best to share this with someone. 

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