Apr 11, 2017

Summer has the power to evoke freshness as well as discomfort, depending on your location and disposition. In Manila’s concrete hutch, a rise in temperature signals a barrage of sensory stimulation: overwhelming heat emanating from the asphalt, ripe odors rising from sewers and, on the hottest days, from the dazed co-worker. And while we usually associate the offense with the lack of a higher regard for soap, the blame can also be attributed to how heat affects scents and our olfactory senses.

Warmer temperatures diffuse scents more easily and heighten our sense of smell. That is why during the hotter summer months, perfumes become necessities that are often abused. To save your favorite (and not to mention expensive) bottle of perfume from reckless spraying abandon, consider mastering these smart perfume habits.

Find a safe place
The formula for the classic perfume hasn’t changed much in the past few centuries; it’s made up mainly of water, alcohol, and different combinations of essential oils. These oils react to heat and light. Keeping your perfume in a cool, dark place helps preserve its original composition. Conversely, a bright, humid place like a bathroom counter will alter your perfume’s scent.

nolisoli beauty how to keep perfume summer

Spritz on the right spots
Pulse points are still the best spots to spray your perfume on, as these areas of skin are warmer and allow scents to mature throughout the day. Scent rises, so spraying the lower pulse points-on the ankles and behind the knees-allows perfume to linger longer. Spray some on your hair as well. It carries perfume best and diffuses scent with the slightest movement.

Moisturize and lock
Dry skin does not hold scent well as the perfume’s oils need to bind to other oils on the skin. This is the reason why hair maintains scent well: the natural oils on your tresses lock the heady, scented oils in place. Before spraying on your scent, moisturize with almond oil or an unscented lotion. If you wish to create a unique scent of your own, you can opt to layer your fragrances by using a scented lotion that complements your perfume’s smell.

Pick the right scent
Scents react to heat. Citrus notes fade quickly in warmer weather while woodsy or musky scents last longer. Intense floral scents bloom in the heat, but be careful about how much you spritz on as a delicate blossom may turn cloying. A perfume is an extension of one’s persona. For summer, something light and refreshing is always a good thing.

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