Aug 29, 2017

Alabang Town Center (ATC) recently launched their new campaign, and it was a day filled with nutritious food and a lot of power walking.

Mall into Shape encourages shoppers to stay fit while enjoying a day in the mall through innovative cardio and nutritious eating. As a preview of everything they have in store for Sept. 8 and 9, they gave us a taste of the healthy and hearty dishes from the restaurants in partnership with ATC for the Fit Bites menu.

La Maripili’s Make Your Own Toast Station

The Fit Bites menu identifies the healthy dishes hiding in plain sight inside Alabang Town Center’s halls. To kick things off, La Maripili had a toasting station where you could choose from an array of fresh ingredients to top a big slice of bread. Right beside the toasting station, McCormick was serving healthy smoothies using ingredients and spices you can find just lying around in your kitchen.

Chef Deejay Santos showing how you can boost your shakes with McCormick’s wide range of spices
McCormick’s Shake and Spices station

Then, former model turned lazy chef Sabrina Artadi took the spotlight to emphasize the importance of food in keeping our bodies in tip-top shape. She reminded the room that 70% of everybody’s coveted abs are made in the kitchen, through the food choices that we make. “Nutrition, not diets,” she reiterated.

Sabrina Artadi

After carbo-loading with several pasta dishes and some of La Maripili’s famous churros (a can’t-miss), we got our smart fitness bands on and went for a Walk in the Mall.

Walk in the Mall is a form of innovative cardio that encourages mall-goers to make the most out of their leisurely stroll. Here you follow a strategically laid out path through the town center, taking you from one end of ATC to another.

Informative discussion on how to find the right shoe for you at Mizuno
Here’s where you get your foot measured and weighed

The path will also lead you to the healthiest establishments in the mall. We stopped at Skeen and Browlab, where we were reminded how much of a lifesaver a bottle of water and a face towel can be during a workout. Other than hydration, you also need a trusty pair of workout shoes during cardio so we also passed by World Balance and Mizuno.



Harlan & Holden’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Harlan & Holden’s White Puttanesca

The highlight of the tour, though, were the restaurants that proved that wining and dining in the mall can be for the good of our health as well as our palate. Along the way, we stopped by more food joints with dishes featured in the Fit Bites menu. We enjoyed classic favorites like oatmeal cookies from Banapple, buko juice from Abe, grilled mackerel from Soban K-town grill, and a flavorful fruit smoothie made via bicycling from Jamba Juice.

Abe’s Buko Juice
Jamba Juice’s Bike Blender Challenge

See all of this and more of Walk in the Mall in the video below.

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