Aug 29, 2017

It looks like Uber was the first to fold, paying LTFRB the hefty P190 million fine it imposed on the ride hailing app to lift its month-long suspension that started on Aug. 14. While our lives did turn for the worse with higher fares and godforsaken taxi rides, Uber surprised us all today by paying the fine despite just two more weeks of suspension.


While we all scrambled for our phones to check, it looks like cars were still not available after all. Apparently, apart from the payment, the LTFRB still wants proof from Uber’s depository bank that it had paid its drivers the P279.29 million it owed its drivers while they were not on the road.

As of 5:00 p.m. today, Uber is finally accessible to the public.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on our phones to make our lives a bit easier.


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