Oct 5, 2017

Formed by the earth millions of years ago, crystals have an extraordinary ability to absorb, emit, and amplify the energies around us, which makes them such a powerful tool in the pursuit of health and wellness. Healing stones are where geology and mysticism intersect, and it’s this almost empirical grounding that drew me, an analyzer by Virgo nature, towards them.

During a daytrip to the Dandenong Ranges in Australia one summer, I happened by a quaint mystic shop just around the corner of the town square. Mahogany tables scattered around the room, cluttered with bowls of tumbled stones in every color imaginable. Some seemed to call out to me, feeling warmer or cooler than the rest. Those were the ones I picked out, the first in my growing collection.

Clockwise: Black obsidian, rose quartz pendulum, orange calcite, dragon’s blood jasper

I’ve always believed in energies guiding us throughout our paths in life. At the time I was desperately looking to treat an artist’s block that had been plaguing me for the past year. The heavily shawled lady at the counter said my aura was blocked by so many negative energies. She said carrying the stones in a little pouch with me everywhere I go would help.

True enough, though my pockets are weighed with tiny crystals, I feel lighter than when I’m without them. Their colors inspire me not only to believe I am worthy of good energy but also to strive toward enlightenment and creativity.

What I have

Lava – This porous stone is cool to the touch, with little specks that sparkle sometimes in the light. Its texture calms me when I need to fidget. As it comes from the very fires of the earth, it symbolizes raw creativity and letting go of the past.

Black Obsidian – Most dark stones are good guardians against depression. Black obsidian is also formed from lava, a kind of volcanic glass. It’s the stone of truth, impenetrable by light, that brings mysteries to the surface. It emits a soft, warm pull of energy that gives me clarity.

Lava symbolizes raw creativity and letting go of the past.

Pyrite – Pyrite shines almost like metal and is the heaviest stone in my collection thus far. Many stones aren’t refined but rather found in clusters, which are powerful emitters of prosperous energy. It’s a masculine stone that relieves pressure by deflecting negative energy.

Orange Calcite – I love how playful this stone feels. Orange calcite is translucent but gives off a warm glow and reflects so beautifully in the sunlight. I use this when I feel my anxiety rising. It’s a happy crystal that balances emotions and most importantly, overcomes fear.

Amethyst is good for meditation, treating addiction, and insomnia.

Dragon’s Blood Jasper – Exquisitely colored green and burnt brown by nature, this stone was believed in the ancient times to be a fossil of deceased dragons. It stands for rebirth and transformation, for giving up old and dated ways of doing and being.

Amethyst – Amethyst isn’t just calming to the sight; it also rids a room of negative energy. This crystal is connected to the chakra of the third eye, so it’s a spiritual healer, good for meditation and treating addictions and insomnia. I keep it under my pillow sometimes at night.

Rose Quartz – The stone of love gives off a charming and affectionate energy. Its baby pink glow tells me I am worthy of love. The pendulum helps me re-center my mind: I hold it in front of me until it stops swinging.

Good stones for starters

There are hundreds of beautiful stones and crystals out there, each with unique mineral and energetic properties that align with certain aspects of your mind, body, and spirit. It all depends on your personal intentions, but there are common stones that are good for both your budget and your well-being.

Amethyst and rose quartz are good for starters.

Black tourmaline, one of the most powerful protective stones, transforms dense, negative energy into a lighter vibration.

Dark stones like the black obsidian are good guardians against depression. The black obsidian is also called the stone of truth.

Labradorite, also protective of negative energy, stimulates the imagination and enhances intuition.

Another is citrine, associated with creativity and wealth that boosts self-esteem.

Finally, clear quartz, an amplifier of energy, can enhance your stones and grant you clarity.

It’s also important to cleanse your stones. Think of it like recharging their batteries. There are different methods but the most common are bathing your stones in incense smoke, sunlight, moonlight, or rainwater. I would avoid the rain bath in Metro Manila, as there could be acids that will damage your stones. The simplest approach, though, is to soak the stones in a clear glass bowl filled with water and sea salt.


Where to get your stones

The Mala Tree, 2F No. 189 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Crystal Age, 80 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

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