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You can now take your Birks to the beach

You can now take your Birks to the beach

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Your favorite pair of Birkenstocks is getting an upgrade. This comfortable yet chic must-have is now going rubber and waterproof; gone are the days of unseemly foot imprints and uncomfortably damp insoles.

This new look makes the iconic sandals ideal for the country’s unpredictable weather. The rubber material used is light, breathable, and easier to dry compared to the cork used in the original. Coming in black or gray, you can take these bad boys trekking or wear them for a casual day in the office.

With its boat-shaped grooves and trademark Apostle-of-Jesus-Christ aesthetic, Birkenstocks has been a staple in the lazy fashionista’s closet because of the support they give to the feet on a hectic day. The gender-neutral design also makes these sandals an easy go-to for the effortless but style-conscious individual, man or woman. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.