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Afraid of going under the knife? Try these no-commitment ways to getting a “facelift”

Afraid of going under the knife? Try these no-commitment ways to getting a “facelift”


We are continuously searching for ways to make our appearance better. The 10-step Korean skincare routine is taking the world by storm. However, some people intend to improve features other than the skin. This aspiration is often achieved through plastic surgery. For example, internet sensation Marlou Arizala was a victim of cyberbullying because of his looks. When the opportunity arrived, Arizala went through plastic surgery and his new look was recently revealed.

If you are afraid to take such bold move, you can also opt for more natural yet tedious ways to make some features like your jaw and cheeks look better.

Contour facial

Also called the V-line facial, this facial massage is a trend in Korea. The facial intends to make the face seem smaller with more defined jaw and chin, resembling a “V.” Although it seems like a gentle procedure, Diana Tsui of The Cut said otherwise.

According to Tsui, the facial massage started gently. However, the calm massage turned into rubbing, pressing, and eventually kneading. “This isn’t unbearable, just uncomfortable,” she wrote. After the massage, she got a regular facial.

Tsui said that the results are seen immediately, but she felt the pain in one full week. Then, the effect wears off after two weeks.

Face yoga

If you are not ready for the pain of contour facial, you can opt for face yoga. This is a technique that involves a lot of making face and a few gentle facial massage. This method intends to target premature signs of aging and defines specific features like the jaw, neck, and neck.

This method is pretty easy to do at home and you can follow various guides on the internet. Unlike contour facial, you may not see visible effects immediately and you must do it regularly.

Dermal fillers

This is the closest you can get to a plastic surgery without actually going under the knife. Dermal fillers are natural (usually, doctors use hyaluronic acid) or synthetic materials injected into the skin to improve facial features like nose, cheeks, and chin. It also targets wrinkles but unlike Botox, dermal fillers don’t stop muscle movement.

When used as nose filler, the nose is massaged and shaped after the injection to achieve the desired outcome. Unlike surgery, dermal fillers are not permanent and will only last from three to 18 months.

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