Oct 4, 2017

One of the reasons we experience chills and goosebumps while listening to music, be it recorded or live, is nostalgia. The activity offers a “physiological joyride” to an individual—thanks to dopamine, a chemical from our music-stimulated brains, for giving us this feeling of pleasure.

Most people claim that the music that flowed through their airwaves “noong araw” was better than we have now. While some songs today just really suck, these adults may just lack association to new songs. Newly-released songs don’t evoke memories, experience, and feelings like what they listened to during the “good ol’ days” did. Ed Sheeran doesn’t remind them of the day they first fell in love or got their hearts broken, neither does The Chainsmokers during their reckless teenage and pre-adulthood years.

So if you’re one of those people, we have good news for you.

Just last night, Jim Paredes, a third of APO Hiking Society, tweeted that the band’s discography or its recordings catalog is now up on the digital music streaming service Spotify.

As of now, the over-40-year-old band has 13 full-length albums on Spotify plus two “The Best Of” compilations. We can cut YouTube some slack of now.

APO isn’t the only before-2000s band or artist that has numerous songs and albums on Spotify. Here are the others:


Jose Mari Chan

FYI, the original Christmas album, Christmas in Our Hearts, which was released in 1990, by our favorite Christmas superstar is on Spotify. Out of his 15 albums, seven is already on the music streaming service, plus his 1985 A Golden Collection compilation.


Sharon Cuneta

The Megastar (who inspired us to be aware of your self-worth) has 43 albums including soundtracks for movies and compilations since the beginning of her singing career in 1978. Listen to her 40 albums on Spotify.



All of the albums by this famous folk rock band in the late ’70s are on Spotify. Although re-issued, their first full-length, a self-titled album, in 1978 is also streamable there.


Pilita Corrales

The Asia’s Queen of Songs Pilita Corrales’ songs are also on Spotify. The artist who started her career in Australia in the late ’50s has her 39 albums up there.

Now we just need Juan Dela Cruz Band, VST & Company, Hajji Alejandro, and Sampaguita to follow suit.


Header image courtesy of Ferrdiemendoza.blogspot.com

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