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Other Harvey Weinsteins of Hollywood revealed

Other Harvey Weinsteins of Hollywood revealed

Show business is a messy, tricky, chaotic business. For the longest time now, we’ve been ignoring just how deep that dirty water actually ran. It’s like an unspoken rule. From audience to the backstage crew to the actors working on-screen, we all know that there is something wrong going on in the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes of producing a movie or a TV series. Yet, none of us have ever said anything, none of us have ever called anyone out. Until now.

Now when women in the industry have finally found their voice to ask for equal pay. Now when sexual harassment has finally been deemed unacceptable and inarguably unethical. Now when feminism is finally selling in Hollywood and most of the rest of the modern world.

Now, when the skeevy dealings by Harvey Weinstein have finally been exposed. Carefully curated, out in the open, and with no room for doubt or misinterpretation. Thing is, Weinstein isn’t the first nor the last.

Exhibit A: Ben Affleck

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After shit had metaphorically hit the fan and word on Weinstein and his perverted requests from his female employees and actresses was presented to the world in a detailed and no-holds-barred New York Times article, support for the victims and condemnation for the Hollywood powerhouse came flooded the internet.

One statement that stood out was Ben Affleck’s.

In a lengthy tweet, the actor and film producer expressed how “saddened and angry” he was that a man he worked with “used his position of power to intimidate, sexually harass, and manipulate women.” Then, as it turns out, Affleck himself had a substantial unacknowledged history where he just happened to “intimidate, sexually harass, and manipulate women.

After a Twitter user pointed out the incident that happened all the way back to early 2000s, the actress Hilarie Burton herself replied with a video clip of the incident saying “I didn’t forget.”

After that, other clips and incidents involving Affleck and some groping began resurfacing. Here’s one where young Ben has a Canadian Journalist on his lap, suggesting that everyone would rather have her doing their interview topless, his hands freely roaming all over her body.

Then, there’s that time where he inadvertently confessed to knowing about Weinstein’s sexual harassment “tendencies” (he’s a man of his time guys, give him a break). Then, he brushed it aside as a joke according to actress Rose McGowan.

Affleck has since then apologized for his past misconduct towards Hilarie Burton. Only to Hillary Burton.


Exhibit B: Terry Crews

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On the flipside, another victim of sexual harrassment revealed their terrible experience in the hands of another powerful sexual predator.

In a thread on Twitter, football-player-turned-actor Terry Crews shares the story of when his privates were groped right in front of his wife during a Hollywood event.

This comedian goes on to explain his reasons why he, an established actor with a very capable and macho physique, didn’t defend himself or exposed the incident to anyone else after the encounter.

Now, we find ourselves echoing the question of celebrity news site “Who’s next?”

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