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The anatomy of Kris Aquino’s #dignifiedreply

The anatomy of Kris Aquino’s #dignifiedreply

Another day, another witty Tita Krissy post to marvel at.

While we were all getting ready for a night out last Friday, Kris Aquino was busy facing down another basher online who just wouldn’t let her live her best life.

Last weekend, Kris posted a video of her latest endorsement contract signing on Instagram. She captioned the post with a lengthy message sharing her own struggle with depression and insecurities for a time. Her fans were quick to show her their love and support. But of course, where there are fans, there are sure to be haters. Amid the sea of “Praise be to Gods” and “Stay strongs,” an Instagrammer by the username Luci K or @lucyborb braved the Kris Aquino fandom and expressed her thoughts about Kris Aquino and her fame.

The “basher” implied that Kris Aquino only rose to her Queen of All Media status because of the political influence of her family. She also went and called Kris’ fans stupid.

Kris being Kris, she wasn’t shy to clap back, and it was one deliciously eloquent and passive-aggressive drag (if I ever saw one). Let’s break it down.

Part 1: The Question

With a simple query, Kris Aquino was able to turn the tables on her hater. She puts the spotlight on them instead, and suddenly it’s the other person’s logic and sanity that the whole world is focusing on.

Part 2: The Wisdom Quote

Do you see what she did there? She referenced the wisdom of another person to validate her own intelligence. This made Kris Aquino’s response sound calmer and much more credible than any spur of the moment ramblings of the “basher”. This made it seem that Kris took her time to think before she replied.

Part 3: A Show of Courtesy

This courteous request for permission is a display in class. It puts a clear distinction between the breeding and the characteristic quality of the hated and the hater. This shows that Kris Aquino is poised, graceful, and calm whereas the basher behaves as the opposite. It implies that Kris is the bigger person here.

Part 4: Give Yourself Credit

Here, our favorite single mom lists her own qualities and credibilities. She drops the names (or at least the descriptions) of those who pay her to do what she does best. This is a subtle way of saying, “You are not effective. I am good, and I know it. I know my worth.” It makes the troll’s efforts moot and basically ends the argument right there, or at least on Kris’ end it does.

Part 5: Bring in the Family

Now we see some emotional manipulation going on. By bringing in sentiments from the family Kris had a surefire way to make her supporters feel more for her and to make the troll second-guess their quality as a person. It effectively makes the callous troll experience a moment of guilt, especially since her mom’s the beloved Cory Aquino.

Part 6: A Bold Statement

Hook, line, and sinker. Kris stood her ground, and suddenly there’s no more room for argument.

Part 7: Author a Hashtag

For that extra dash of a little drama, of course, Kris started her own hashtag. It emphasizes just how powerful and influential she is, and how insignificant her basher is.

Kudos to you Tita Kris. You never cease to amaze us with your gusto.

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