Eat half of your ribs spicy, the other half sweet at this new rib place

Pair your flame-grilled ribs with any of Rackshack’s signature sauces that would best fit your taste

There are times we need restructuring in our lives—radical or not—just to get out of the rut we’ve found ourselves stuck in. Too much of the same thing can be comfortable but boring. Habits can be monotonous. Patterns, tiring.

This acted as a catalyst for Chukri Prieto, owner of Racks, to start a new joint for baby back ribs.

“I felt that the [Racks] brand needed a little bit of a shakeup in terms of product, design, and atmosphere,” says Prieto. However, they couldn’t just instill coolness to an established brand such as Racks. “If diehard Racks fans enter a place like this, they’d be a little intimidated.”

nolisoli eats restaurant rackshack ribs
No smokehouse is described as “laidback” without a patio bar. De-stress with foosball and beer pong at Rackshack. They also offer Engkanto craft beer.

Rackshack plays hip, lax, and straightforward, unlike its “older, elegant and eloquent brother,” as Prieto aptly put it, Racks. Its industrial interiors are perfect for the laidback vibe it gives off. Music’s a little bit louder. You can hear the clanging of forks and knives when people eat. The sauces are conveniently available on the table or upon request, as well as card games like Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme (I know, right?).

nolisoli eats restaurant rackshack ribs
Don’t be shy to ask for different sauces as they encourage their customers to do just that.
nolisoli eats restaurant rackshack ribs
“At Rackshack, we don’t tell you which the best items are on our menu. Our customers decide that for themselves,” says Prieto.

Speaking of sauces, their variety of it is definitely their edge. “Choose a favorite among our sauces, or pick two or three or pour them all over your ribs,” says Prieto. You can have your pulled pork sweet and spicy on your first bite with the Kansas Sauce (Prietos favorite, by the way), have the second bite mustard-y and tangy with Carolina Gold, or the third bite extra hot with the Spicy Mother Sauce. For a burst of Asian flavors with a bit of sharpness, go for their Hoisin.

Mix and match, no ones going to judge you as the others are as busy as you with their own barbecues.

nolisoli eats restaurant rackshack ribs
Here’s something for your barkada: Groupie Platter. It has two ribs, pulled pork, and two hot links with four cups of rice.

“Our intent is to allow the customers to build whatever barbecue plate they want without the pretentiousness, without being told how to eat it,” shares Prieto. In a way, it has the DIY concept.

Order straight-up. Choose your meats: pork rib, pulled pork, Texas hot link, or crack fried chicken. You have the option if you want your meat dry or drenched in their signature sauces. And then choose your sides: Shack Slaw, QP Corn, Shack Beans, Harajuku Potato Salad, garlic rice, or even steamed rice.

nolisoli eats restaurant rackshack ribs
I tried their shredded pulled pork soaked in barbecue sauce with Shack Slaw on the side. I think I’ve found my favorite in this joint. I prefer the mild and sweet Mother Sauce to go with it.

They mostly feature existing recipes from Racks, but they’ve put a little twist. Their barbecue rubs are stronger in flavor, sweeter, and spicier. There are also some dishes that dont do well at Racks but appeals to the Rackshack market. Like their carnitas plate—smokey Mexican-style slow-cooked pork served with rice.

nolisoli eats restaurant rackshack ribs
This mountain of nachos with thick slices of hot links, onion rings, and pulled pork is best for four to five people. Ridiculous Nachos is showered with rich sour cream, real cheddar, and melted nacho cheese.
nolisoli eats restaurant rackshack ribs
From top to bottom: Shack Slaw, QP Corn covered in shichimi spice, and Fish and Chips
nolisoli eats restaurant rackshack ribs
Have salad to balance with the meat in your meal. Street corn salad with tortilla crisps is their take on the Mexican-style salad—slathered with butter, mayo, and spices.
nolisoli eats restaurant rackshack ribs
Not in the mood for meat? Try their Creole Garlic Shrimp. This juicy seafood is doused in a hot blend of herbs and spices. Get some cold beer in case you find it too spicy.
nolisoli eats restaurant rackshack ribs
Other than chugging a beer, one of the best ways to end a meal in Rackshack is with their signature moist Brownie Smores drizzled with caramel and chocolate syrup.

If you think only good ribs and icy local craft beer would satiate your cravings and loosen you up after a day of hard work, Rackshack is your best excuse.


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