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Learn latte art at this ‘Instagrammable’ all-day breakfast place

Learn latte art at this ‘Instagrammable’ all-day breakfast place

It’s difficult to resist snapping a photo once inside Manna and Golde, Quezon City’s latest addition to its slew of comfort food go-tos.

Bright greens and yellows, the mix and match of mod chairs, geometrical wall and ceiling decor, and even an indoor jalousie window reminiscent of a grade school classroom make the restaurant-café quite the Instagram-worthy space.

“We decided to stick to light colors because it’s already common to see industrial or wooden interiors for cafes. I really wanted something inviting, something bright and homey,” explained Eirene Vernice Go, general manager and co-owner of Manna and Golde. The resto is a family affair; Go put it up with her parents and sister, Valline, who is a chef.

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Jalousie windows give a peek inside the function room, which can be reserved for more intimate gatherings. Brunch party, anyone?
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On workshop days, the long table is dedicated for cupping sessions. Go and her family hired an interior designer to spruce up the space, but they were all hands-on in terms of choosing what furniture and decor to use.
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If you’re very particular about your coffee, head on over to the barista’s station. Manna and Golde’s baristas are more than willing to recommend what suits your palate.

But being Instagram-worthy isn’t Manna and Golde’s only strong suit. With a menu developed by chef Valline and a café overseen by Eirene, a formally trained barista, the place offers breakfast favorites, comfort food, and coffee concoctions that aren’t run-of-the-mill. It’s also good to note that all dishes served at Manna and Golde are preservative- and MSG-free, and are cooked with less salt without sacrificing flavor.

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Coffee nerds, here’s another café to frequent. Manna and Golde offers a wide variety of specialty and blend coffees. They roast their own beans and brew them any way you want. The beans are also for sale. 

Their thick fluffy pancakes with fruit are soft and moist on the inside, and crunchy on the outside. The fruits on top are kiwi and banana, keeping within the overall green-and-yellow motif. The Autumn Roast Chicken—perfect for lunch—is marinated for 24 hours and coated with a signature glaze, which turns the skin glassy and gives it a hint of sweetness. It’s served with chunky, savory gravy made from scratch, yet another one of Manna and Golde’s best-kept secrets. A lighter alternative is the Nasi Lemak Porridge, the café-restaurant’s take on the Malay breakfast staple.

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Manna and Golde’s pancakes are thick, fluffy, and crunchy all at once. They’re dusted with confectioner’s sugar and the fruits on top add a tangy kick in every bite.
nolisoliph Manna and Golde 16
Pair pancakes with the trusty latte and admire some latte art while you’re at it. If you want to make latte art like the pros, join one of Manna and Golde’s latte art classes.
nolisoliph Manna and Golde 20
Autumn Roast Chicken with gourmet gravy and Red Summer, cold-pressed juice made of red apples, baby carrots, oranges, and beets

Manna and Golde also offers a wide selection of drinks, from tea to cold pressed juices to milkshakes, but they pride themselves in their coffee, which they themselves expertly roast. Their coffee is best paired with any of the cakes and pastries on display, all freshly baked in Manna and Golde’s commissary. 

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Candied lemon adds zest to Manna and Golde’s homemade cheesecake.
nolisoliph Manna and Golde 10
We recommend the cheesecake with a freshly brewed cup of coffee—black, of course.

For a refreshing pick-me-up, try the cold brew soda—it’s balanced and citrusy, and the cold brew is significantly less acidic than your usual caffeine fix. If enjoying the brew still doesn’t satisfy your coffee craving, maybe Manna and Golde’s coffee workshops will.

nolisoliph Manna and Golde 21
Creamy, coconut-y Nasi Lemak Porridge with caramelized garlic bits
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Want to stay awake? Try the cold brew soda. It’s 88% less acidic, but has more caffeine content than most coffee drinks.

Learn to make latte art or familiarize yourself with the joy of slow brewing. Cupping sessions also acquaint the palate to different varieties of coffee. Eirene facilitates the workshop with boyfriend Dave Dource, who is a café consultant and barista trainer. Together, they put up Barista Cafe (@coffee.subject on Instagram), a group that hosts coffee workshops. Manna and Golde is now the official home of these workshops, where java nerds will be able to level up their coffee know-how.

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A wide variety of coffee beans and brewing devices can be intimidating for any coffee novice. Need help deciding what you’ll have? Manna and Golde’s resident baristas will happily help you choose your brew.

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