Nov 23, 2017

There’s another thing you need to prepare during Christmas aside from food, table settings, gifts, and your appetite, especially if you’re hosting the celebration at home: your fridge.


Your fridge will definitely carry an abundant amount of food pre- (for ingredients) and post-Christmastime (for leftovers). You don’t want to scrabble through and become distressed over a cluttered fridge when Christmas prepping time comes. And the easiest way to avoid the mess, headache, and waste of time is cleaning it out.

Here are some tips you might need for your fridge cleaning session:

  1. Take everything out. By everything, that includes removable shelves, drawers, and door inserts. Resist the temptation to just clean around a plate or box of milk. Removing everything from the fridge also makes sorting out what stays and what goes into the trash easier.
  2. Soak. After wiping and scrubbing shelves and drawers with dish soap in a sponge, rags, and old toothbrush (for nooks and crannies), soak them in a solution of dish soap and water or white vinegar and water.
  3. Use hot water for removing stubborn stains. Spare your arm with intense rubbing by using this trick. Wet a sponge or rag with hot water and compress it to the unrelenting spills. The heat and moisture will make the thickened stains more manageable and easier to wipe out.
  4. Use baking soda if you have an odor problem in your fridge. This compound is known for absorbing the stench.
  5. Adjust shelves accordingly when putting everything back. Now’s the time to think of the food that will be seeking abode in your fridge soon—perhaps a large bowl of buko salad or stacks of leche flan molders. It’s also time to review what goes in the fridge again. Check lids for molds. Wipe the exterior of bottles for stuck drips. Tighten caps.
  6. Don’t forget to wipe the fridge’s exterior.

It’s advisable to wipe the inside of your fridge at least once a week and deep clean once a month, not only during the holidays, to keep your food storage clean and sanitized.

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