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Green roofs can save the city from our environmental woes

Green roofs can save the city from our environmental woes


2017, though it hasn’t ended yet, is probably not the best year in history.

In terms of climate, 2017 is supposedly one of the warmest years in history following 2016 and 2015. This year, the average global temperature is said to be 1.1°C higher than the temperatures during the pre-industrial era. And it looks like the world will get even warmer as a result of climate change. It’s a difficult issue to combat, but there’s an easy way to make the ambient temperature in the city more tolerable.

The green roof is an architectural feature that utilizes roof decks as a vegetative space. This is a way of reclaiming a barren, useless space into a more productive one. The idea of green roof is simple. Basically, you only need to place appropriate plants and trees on the roof deck. And from that simple act, you can reap various benefits.

Cooler temperature

The heat island effect often causes the temperature in the city to rise. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the temperature of a regular rooftop during summer can increase up to 50°C. But the inclusion of a green roof in a building’s design can make the ambient temperature cooler by evapotranspiration, the sum of evaporation and the plant’s transpiration. This also cools the roof and protects it from sun damage.

More sanitary environment

We’ve all heard how flood can spread various diseases. Well, the green roof feature can help prevent that and other sanitary issues from happening. Instead of becoming unsanitary water that needs treatment before becoming potable, green roofs absorb water for the benefits of the plants with the excess rainwater going back to the atmosphere through evaporation.

The city can become a habitat for local fauna

Living in the city means hearing the bustle of cars and the chitchats of your neighbors instead of the melodious singing of birds. While we can still see birds in the city, green roofs can help diversify the species that live with us. Green roofs can attract bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects to dwell with us. It brings back the natural order of our environment.

Turning your desolate roof deck into a fruitful green roof is feasible. But if you want to see the benefits discussed above, it takes a collective effort of a whole city. It’s worth the try, though. Just imagine harvesting fresh vegetables, picking fresh flowers, and just taking in the city on a green roof. Isn’t it amazing?

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