Dec 24, 2017

It’s that time of year when, aside from beer (which, let’s all admit, is the epitome of casual celebrations), wine is overflowing.

Red wine for Christmas. Champagne for New Year’s. Don’t ask me, that’s just how we do it at home. But whether you opt for some Sauvignon Blanc, some Pinot Noir, or some Merlot, here are some ways to make imbibing a little easier.

Opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew
Maybe in your haste to get to the party, you forgot the second most important part: a tool to open the bottle. Fret not, there’s a way to pop that bottle of wine open. Just ask anyone for a key. Dig the key into the cork, twist, and pull out the cork.

(Might work best on synthetic corks though, but that’s just my personal experience.)

You can also use this method with a knife. Just be extra careful!

Sift cork bits out of the bottle using a straw
So you tried to open the bottle using a key or a knife, but instead of pulling out the cork, you ended up breaking it into bits. Don’t worry, your wine night isn’t ruined yet. Grab a straw (preferably a metal one because we don’t want any plastic trash here at Nolisoli!) and cover the top end so it acts as a bit of a suction tube to get the cork. Might take a bit of work, though.

Make a strainer
If you don’t want to have to pick out the cork bits, you can just get a small cheese cloth and secure it over the bottle’s mouth, so you can pour the wine without getting cork mixed in to your glass.

Drip-proof wine pouring

Don’t get wine stains all over the table. If a wine bottle bib isn’t available, make your own using a paper towel. Just fold it and tuck it around the bottle’s neck:

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