Kiss the Tiramisu has the perfect sundae date for you

With your significant other or yourself


Ever like something so much during your travel abroad that you want to bring it home? Well, Shirley Vy liked a sundae so much during her trip to Korea, she found a way to make it her pasalubong for everyone in Makati.

Kiss the Tiramisu (KTT) is a hole-in-the-wall from the artsy fartsy streets of Hongdae that offers tiramisu in soft-serve ice cream form. Yes, you read that right. The owners of KTT wanted to translate the classic Italian dessert into a sundae, and they went all out. This isn’t just some tiramisu-flavored ice cream ala-convenience store. We’re talking customized in-house cheese sauce and edible gold levels here.

Classic Tiramisu Ice Cream
The interiors for KTT’s first branch in the Philippines is more polished than their original shop in Hongdae.

Here’s the breakdown. First comes their in-house mascarpone cheese spread all over the bottom and the sides of their signature acrylic goblet. Then, they add one big swirl of their thick and creamy ice cream, filling up half of the goblet. After that comes a layer of ladyfingers, which is then sandwiched with another layer of ice cream. And then, they add a measured drop of espresso and cheese sauce, also an in-house concoction. For the final touch, they sprinkle a generous dusting of cocoa powder on top, and voila! You have the tiramisu ice cream that Koreans line-up for even during winter.

They’ve decorated the small space with gold accents, festive even after the holidays
They’re not shy with the dusting of cocoa powder they top their ice cream with

After the success of the original tiramisu sundae, they went on to make more flavors. They have the matcha tiramisu, bittersweet but a surprising hit with the kids. They have the Injeolmi tiramisu which leans more on the nutty, savory side of dessert. It’s layered with palitaw-like rice cake beans in the middle and topped off with a sweet and salty caramel sauce and a dusting of ground roasted soybean.

Last but not the least (and my personal favorite) is the Midas Touch, their first endeavor at introducing and exploring Filipino flavors. This sundae has leche flan at the center, broas on the sides, and ube on top.

That’s legitimate edible 24K gold
One whole sheet of the edible gold is delicately placed on top, Midas’ touch to this glamorous ice cream
You can also purchase tiramisu cakes from the ice cream shop. This Matcha Tiramisu Cake is P275
Part of their holiday line is this red velvet cake for P310

If you’re looking to get your final taste of the holidays, they also released a line of holiday flavors. They dressed up their Injeolmi tiramisu as Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer with some pretzel, blueberries, and candy. Their matcha became a Christmas Tree Tiramisu with the help of some candy. Lastly, they introduce a new flavor with their Santa Claus Strawberry Tiramisu, a tart and sweetly flavored sundae depicting the image of Santa falling face first into a pile of sundae with Santa’s legs made of candy.

Santa Claus Strawberry Tiramisu 
Christmas Tree Matcha Tiramisu

Making a translation or hybrid of anything, of any food is always a gamble. Luckily for KTT, theirs was a hit rather than a miss.


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