Jan 10, 2018

It’s already 2018, but our woes from the previous years are still sticking around.

I’m talking about our train systems. The MRT-3, for one, had to ask about 600 riders to alight the train due to an electrical failure at 5:37 a.m. today. On the other hand, the LRT Line 1 also encountered a problem on Jan. 5. The glitch, which affected me first hand, occurred while the train was in between 5th Avenue and R. Papa stations. While I wasn’t aware of what the problem was that time, I read from Inquirer that a passenger pressed the emergency button and the train couldn’t “normalize” it. The train remained between stations for about 30 minutes until it ran again and dropped off all passengers at R. Papa station. Of course, I arrived late at work and on the 15th, I’ll get a salary deduction for that.

Train glitches are really taxing. If there’s one thing I wish would change this year, it would be the state of our train systems. For the Philippine National Railways (PNR), there is a possibility for circumstances to change soon.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) offers their hybrid electric train to PNR. Engineering firm Systra Philippines, Inc. (SPI) tells Inquirer that the Philippine-made train has a high potential for PNR’s use. However, shock absorption, the braking system, and lighting must be improved before using it.

The hybrid electric train has been developed by DOST’s Metal Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC) in 2013 and was launched in June 2016. The train costs P120 million and was built by an all-Filipino team of scientists and engineers.With the potential to run at 60 kilometers per hour, the hybrid train has five coaches and each can accommodate 220 passengers. The department also hopes to reduce PNR’s fuel consumption by 50 percent by using this hybrid train.

While the new train is deemed to make commuting better, the DOST and PNR still need to run various tests to ensure public safety.

Header image courtesy of Jovic Yee/Inquirer.net

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