Jan 19, 2018

Before most of us knew better, we thought the more beads in our body scrub, the better. It doesn’t matter what kind of abrasives they are and where they come from. We’d just rub them on the driest and wobbliest part of our bodies and cross our fingers that they’d truly exfoliate our skin. And most of the time, they do.

But it’s about time we become aware of what goes into the products we use and where these ingredients come from. In the case of body scrubs, unfortunately, most commercially-available ones have microbeads, which are technically tiny pieces of plastic. That said, if you want to help the environment, stay away from them. Don’t worry, thougha lot of natural alternatives are readily available.

Here are some local online beauty shops you can check out:

Scrub Talulah

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Slough your dead skin cells away with natural ingredients in Scrub Talulah, a beauty scrub made by model and fashion blogger Tricia Centenera. The coffee in the scrub helps tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Drop a message on their Instagram account to order.


Hello Gorgeous!

Hello Gorgeous! is the line of cosmetic products under a day spa, which was founded in 1998 in Bulacan, called Skinline. Now, it carries sustainable scrubs. Their Goat’s Milk Scrub, which replaces microbeads with dead sea salt and mineral salt, honey, and essential oils, comes with the promise of silky skin. Visit their website to see more products.



Get tastefully-made natural products at Rraw such as its First Date Whipped Body Frosting, which can be used as a body scrub, body polish, and whipped soap. First Date has earth-friendly apricot seeds, virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E among others. The best part? It smells like your favorite cotton candy. Visit their website to shop.


Always Sunday

Among the tempting line of skincare products Always Sunday offers is this Brownie Batter Chocolate Body Scrub that begs to be slathered on your skin. Maintain your skin’s suppleness with this product, which has milk scrub and powder, salt, papaya powder, cocoa butter, and powder. Check out their website for more products.


Soak Artisan Soap

Soak Artisan Soap boasts of its Cucumber Frost Scrub that “starts as a scrub and finishes as a lotion.” It has fine sugar crystals, coconut oil, and oat proteins, among others. The shop also has Cafe Mocha Scrub, Iced Mint Scrub, and Sweet Dreams Scrub. Visit their website to order.


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