Jan 19, 2018

We’re still not sure if it’s that new strain of influenza finally reaching the Philippines or simply the cold January weather, but everyone and their mother seems to be getting sick with a sore throat lately. In our office, this sickness results in a lot of soup and second-guessing whether they should or could eat that during lunch. So, to save our team and the rest of you out there the trouble, here are some things that you can eat (and drink) to soothe that nasty sore throat.


Yes, I guess it’s still within the soup family but you have to admit that good old lugaw is much better than just clear broth. This classic Filipino porridge also uses ginger, a multi-faceted spice that can also help prevent nausea.


Salabat or ginger tea helps because ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the swelling and pain from a sore throat. Breathing in the steam of the tea before sipping can also help loosen any tightness in your chest.

In the olden days, there was a remedy where you wrap cabbage leaves around your neck to help heal a sore throat. Today, civilization has figured out that cooking and eating it gets the same effect. It’s definitely more efficient at getting the anti-oxidants, vitamin C, sulfur and other essential nutrients that the cabbage has to help reduce the inflammation of a sore throat.

Honey and Lemon
This classic honey and lemon concoction will help with thinning down any congestion and cooling down your throat. Honey will coat your throat and help prevent irritation, which is the cause of your coughing fits.

If you’re craving for dessert, best to go for good ol’ gelatin. Its soft texture makes it easy to swallow and the coolness helps soothe any itch you’re feeling in your throat.

Dried sage has been used for healing for hundreds of years now. Just steep some of it in warm water and use it as a topping for your next bowl of soup, and it should help with any ache and inflammation you’re experiencing.

Soft pasta with low-fat sauce
Another soft dish that you can enjoy without damaging your throat any further is pasta. Stick to short pasta like the penne and fusilli so you won’t have to swallow in big mouthfuls. And whole wheat can also offer more nutrients like fiber, iron, zinc, and vitamins B1, B2, B3, and E.

Bonus: Hot Toddy
Hot Toddy, or hot whiskey for the Scottish, is a simple mix of boiling hot water, honey, bourbon, lemon juice, and sometimes other herbs and spices. It’s believed to help with the cold or flu through giving Vitamin C (from the lemon), relieving the inflammation of the throat (courtesy of the honey), and numbing any ache (courtesy of the alcohol). Brandy and scotch can work with for this drink too, but bourbon is best flavor-wise.

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