Jan 31, 2018

Filipinos are known to be respectful, especially to elders. We’re also known for our hospitality, and how willing we are to go out of our way to make others—our guests, in particular—feel comfortable and at home.

It’s a shame though, that these values only come out when we’re faced with people we know or like. (Or want to impress, let’s be real.)

I mean, how many times have you experienced someone disrespecting your space and your time by cutting in front of you in line? Or how many times have you been inconvenienced by someone leaving their dirty plates or glasses on the tables of a supposedly self-service restaurant? A lot, I’m sure.

A (relatively) orderly line. The dream.

But how many times have you been the guilty party? Let’s try a little introspection and think before we complain. Have we been contributing to this selfish culture of only caring about what benefits us and not others?

I asked around and came up with a list of common courtesies that are, frankly, not so common anymore. How many of these public area pet peeves are you guilty of? Give yourself one point for each item you’ve done at least once before. Tally and check out your score at the end!

In public

  • Spitting
  • Blocking pedestrian areas
  • Walking too slowly in a busy area (i.e. malls, train stations)
  • Walking too slowly with a group in a busy area
  • Not following the walk-stand directions on escalators
  • Rushing into an elevator/train car once the doors open even before those in it have a chance to alight
  • Littering
  • Not apologizing when you bump into someone

In restaurants

  • Leaving used plates, utensils, glasses on tables/not practicing CLAYGO (clean as you go) in self-service restaurants
  • Talking down to waitstaff
  • Letting kids be rowdy—noisy, running around other tables disturbing other diners, etc.


  • Not passing the other passenger’s fare to the jeepney driver (and ignoring them)

In general

  • Cutting in line
  • Occupying more than the allotted seat/a space bigger than needed
  • Not offering your seat to those who need it (PWDs, pregnant women, elderly) OR occupying a seat dedicated for PWDs/pregnant women/elderly
Rush hour, when it’s every man for himself.

If you got a score of 1 to 5: Hmm. Okay. We all make mistakes sometimes. But you’re mostly mindful and respectful. Keep it up, make yourself better.

If you got a score of 6 to 10: Better rethink your life.

If you got a score of 11 to 15: Time to change your ways! It’s 2018; please leave these bad habits behind already.

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