Jan 30, 2018

Tomorrow night, a rare super blue blood moon will mark the end of January and, for the intuitive, the beginning of 2018. Let’s break it down. A super moon happens when the full moon is closest to the earth. A blood moon refers to its reddish tint during a lunar eclipse. The moon falls into earth’s shadow, but a bit of sunlight still manages to shine on its surface, giving it that blood-like hue. Finally, a blue moon is a second full moon within a calendar month.

According to PAGASA, the super blue blood moon will be visible from 8:51 to 10:07 p.m. on Jan. 31. The best time to view this phenomenon, though, is at around 9:29 p.m. Here are some things you can do to make the most of the strong cosmic energy.

Cleanse your crystals or amulets.

For the healing crystal junkies, set your stones in clear view of the moon. Set your stones with a special intention and let them bathe in the moonlight. If you have crystal chargers or obelisks, now is a good time to set up a special grid. If you’ve got amulets, pendants, and charms, this cleansing ritual also works.

Take some time to reflect and get to know your situation.

Astrologically speaking, full moons are emotionally charged. Hidden truths are likely to surface around this time. You may be feeling like you’re on a roller coaster of feelings. It’s cheesy, but listen to your heart. Why are you feeling this way? What circumstances have influenced your disposition? Am I comfortable with my reactions? Journaling helps.

Do something creative.

Some of you may experience sudden bouts of creativity or visual clarity. The moon is also tied to intuition and inspiration—why do you think there are so many songs written about it? Learn something new. Make music. Paint or write in your journal. Undertake a new passion project. Seize your raw and passionate energy, but don’t publicize it just yet.

Take a rest day

You may be feeling tired as the eclipse may stir up your sensitivities. It’s a time to drop negative energy, especially now that the moon is encouraging positive change. But the act of letting go can be exhausting. If you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, burnt out, or depressed, it’ll all be okay once February rolls around. Take some time off and save your energy for acts of self-love.

Set your intentions for 2018.

Some people have said that their 2018 begins in February, because January is free trial month. When you think about the cosmic energy converging in a triple-lunar-event, that statement is true. This is a rare alignment and we will all be coming out of it energized and enlightened.

The waxing energy of the moon may have left you clouded when you were coming up with new year’s resolutions. Prune them. Evaluate which goals you’ll seriously commit to. Which lifestyle changes are realistic? What kind of energy do you want in your life this year?

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