Feb 2, 2018

Have you ever gone through a 30-day challenge and actually finished it? If you have, good! Otherwise, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the f***ing world—yet.

Recently, this habit has helped me with my finances and attitude. I’ve never tracked my expenses as religiously as I did last month, and I’m proud to say not a day passed without me tracking every single peso that I spent. As long as those 31 days were, the experience was indeed eye-opening.


Trent Hamm, the founder of The Simple Dollar, has something to say with these so-called 30-day challenges: “Thirty days is not quite long enough to burn a new routine in as a new personal habit or routine that you do naturally. However, 30 days is long enough to figure out whether this is a habit you want to continue and it’s long enough to start seeing at least some benefits (or drawbacks) from that new habit or routine.”

That said, here’s a challenge for you: Can you do these things for 30 days straight?

Don’t use your credit card for any purchases

If you’re notorious for going out on impulsive shopping sprees, this is for you. This is a tough one, especially for those who use their credit cards for paying utilities. It’s more convenient, yes, but it also means that it’s “far easier to make spending mistakes and buy things you can’t afford or have forgotten about,” argues Hamm. Try sticking to a cash budget for one month and see how it pans out.

Don’t eat junk food

And I’m not talking about potato chips. The list includes pizza, chocolate, fries, soda, and so on. I’m telling you now, by the time you finish those 30 days, your skin will appear clearer, your body will feel much lighter, and your mood will be better.

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Make your meals from scratch

Personally, I found that I spend most of my money on food. It may not look like much, but add the expenses together and you’ll probably see 30 percent of your salary swimming in your tummy. Making your meals from scratch can be fun because you’re also learning new recipes in the process. Since you’re aware of all the ingredients going into your food, you can guarantee that it’s healthier compared to your usual takeout.

List the things you’re grateful for every day

It sounds like a tedious job (because it is), but the results are rewarding. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude will make you a more understanding, more patient human being. Small things like paying your bills on time or getting free lunch will let you appreciate even the simplest things life has to offer.


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