Feb 5, 2018

First thing in the morning or smack in the middle of the afternoon, it’s common for most people—especially for the working class—to grab a cup of coffee to wake us up. And even then each one has their preferences: black, iced, latte, cappuccino, cafe mocha, and so on. On the other hand, some might opt for tea instead, since it also contains the stimulating and much-needed caffeine.

But which drink is the most effective? Let’s settle this once and for all with this basic guide.


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Type fl oz caffeine (mg) mg/fl oz
Espresso Brewed by forcing hot water through finely ground coffee 1.5 77 51.3
Long black Double shot of espresso pulled over a cup partially filled with hot water 6 154 25.7
Turkish coffee Very finely ground coffee, boiled with water and sugar 2 50 25
Brewed Ground coffee with hot water 8 163 20.4
Bulletproof High fat coffee, made with water, ground coffee, butter, and MCT oil 8 145 18.1
Americano Hot water poured over a shot of espresso 12 154 12.8
Cappuccino Espresso, steamed milk, steamed milk foam 12 154 12.8
Caffe Mocha Espresso, cocoa powder or sugar, steamed milk, milk foam, and chocolate 12 152 12.7
Latte Espresso, steamed milk 16 154 9.6
Flat white Espresso, micro-foamed steamed milk, thin layer of froth 8.46 77 9.1



nolisoliph tea

Type fl oz caffeine (mg) mg/fl oz
Taiwanese milk tea Bubble tea, made of tea, fruit, condensed milk, and tapioca balls 13.526 130 9.6
Matcha Green tea leaves ground into a powder 8 70 8.8
Chai Black tea blended with spices, milk, and sugar 8 50 6.2
Black tea Fully oxidized tea leaves 8 42 5.2
Oolong tea Partially oxidized tea leaves 8 37 4.6
Yellow tea Leaf buds of the tea plant, processed like green tea, but steamed so oxidation is slower 8 33 4.1
White tea Tea leaves (harvested before blossoms open) are dried with minimal processing 8 28 3.5
Green tea Low oxidized tea leaves, popular in Japan 8 25 3.1
Jasmine tea Green tea combined with jasmine blossoms 8 25 3.1
Genmaicha Green tea leaves with toasted brown rice 8 4 0.5
Herbal tea Doesn’t contain tea leaves, uses herbs, spices, fruits, etc. 8 0 0


Computations courtesy of Caffeine Informer.

Photos courtesy of Unsplash.

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