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Feng shui colors that bring more positive energy into your home

Feng shui colors that bring more positive energy into your home


Feng shui is an ancient Eastern practice developed over 6,000 years ago. In Chinese culture, feng means “wind” and shui means “water.” These two elements were associated with good health, so having good feng shui means having good fortune. Consequently, having bad feng shui means getting bad luck.

This coming Lunar New Year, we’re all for inviting positive energy into our homes. In order to do that, we’re gonna need these feng shui colors. Here’s how you can incorporate every hue into your current home.


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In feng shui, red represents love, courage, and passion. It’s also seen as the color of happiness and luck. When decorating with red, it’s best to put them near the front door, kitchen, and dining room, as these spaces are regarded as the “energizers” and “appetite stimulants” of the house.


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Another one from the fire element, orange is feng shui’s color for sociality, optimism, and openness. According to Home Edit, the appeal of orange is “universal” and “not tied to a particulate climate or season. It’s ideal for public rooms like the living room and dining room because it promotes social interaction.


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Green is the color of life, health, and growth. It represents fresh, rejuvenating energy, as seen through nature. Make sure to use different shades of green rather than sticking to a single hue. This way, your home gets the balance it needs.


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Blue is also associated with peace and serenity in Chinese culture. In feng shui, use it in the bagua areas of health (east), money (southeast), and career (north).


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Similar to blue (since both belong to the water element), lavender is a calming and spiritual color. It minimizes chaos and toxic activity, which makes it a great stress reliever. Place your lavender decors in places where you want to feel the most peaceful: your bedroom, bathroom, or your home office.


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