Nov 26, 2016

House for Sale: 4BR, 4CR, Maids Quarts, 2Car Garage
By Budjette Tan

If you’re buying a house in Quezon City, make sure you ask if it doesn’t come with unfortunate freebies; for example the house we once lived in came with a tribe of white duwende who was fighting a war with a tribe of black duwende, which supposedly brought good or bad luck to our family, depending on who was winning the war. According to those in the know, the Katipunan area was once a forest that was ruled by diwata and engkanto. Seems like some of them never left.

den-editorialSouthern Living
By Pol Medina, Jr.

If you consider a place 20 minutes from the financial hub, Makati, a probinsya then you can call me a probinsiyano for setting up residence in Las Piñas. I can say that we have a Mayor who is not overly obsessed with making up ways to collect more fees, fines, and penalties from residents and passers-through. I observed that dirty cities have dirty politicians to match. We’re clean here.

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