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Walk like the Greeks in these leather-made sandals

Walk like the Greeks in these leather-made sandals


Greece is synonymous to many things beloved by both tourists and locals: sun-bleached ruins, Greek yogurt and succulent souvlaki, seemingly endless coastlines that run the length of the Aegean Sea, and of course, sandals made in traditional Greek fashion.

Greek mythology even speaks of a talented sandal-maker sought out by gods and goddesses who desired fancy footwear made of premium calfskin and precious metals. The craftsman, said to have resided in the island of Crete, enchanted each pair he made with magic.

Although sans sorcery and spells, the same Greek craftsmanship is now available locally through a brand that specializes in leather slip-ons and sandals. Aptly called Hellas, which is what the Greeks call their country in their native tongue, the label’s designs are as simple and straightforward as its name.

Hellas shoes come in basic, easily mixed and matched neutrals—white, nude, tan, and black—and are 95 percent handmade, using traditional sandal-making techniques passed from one generation to the next. A unique blend of leather shavings and compressed latex keeps soles ultralight, while the wider widths are able to accommodate feet of all shapes and sizes.

True to its promise of carefully crafting sandals “from the nest leather pieces of the Greek islands,” Hellas uses only calf leather to assure durability, comfort, and luxury inspired by myth and magic.

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This story originally appeared in Northern Living, Jan-Feb 2018.


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