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Foods you can safely eat past the expiration date

Foods you can safely eat past the expiration date


As practical human beings, it’s a bit difficult to throw away food that we haven’t finished to the brine. But we throw them out anyway thanks to those “best before” dates. Packaged goods are understandable, but we’re talking raw meat and dairy, which are usually the ones that expire faster.

We created a list of food items that you can still enjoy beyond their expiry date. However, make sure to use your senses before eating anything. If a food gives off a rancid smell or it doesn’t look well, best to throw it out.

Read the label first

If it says: “Sell by”

That’s meant for the manufacturers and retailers, not you. It’s a marketing tool provided by food companies to ensure proper turnover of their products in the store.

If it says: “Use by” or “Best by”

These labels are intended for consumer use. Technically, manufacturers use it to tell when the product will reach its peak freshness.

Hard cheese

Average shelf life: four weeks past the expiration date

Cheeses like cheddar and parmesan have longer shelf lives and—believe it or not—are still alright to consume even after the mold has started to form. Simply cut off the moldy parts before eating, of course.

Photo courtesy of Off the Grid News


Average shelf life: three to four months past the expiration date

I bet most of you have thrown out at least two mayonnaise jars in the last 12 months. But surprisingly, you can keep them in the fridge longer. Store-bought mayonnaise can last up to three to four months as long as it’s stored at the right temperature.


Average shelf life: three days past the expiration date

The only thing you need to remember is that the meat should be cooked all the way through. They’re safe to eat three days past their ‘best before’ date.


Average shelf life: five days past the expiration date

Same with pork, you need to cook your beef completely to stretch its shelf life to five days.


Average shelf life: About a year past the expiration date

You can safely store a package of chicken breasts in your freezer for up to a year. But seriously though, why?


Average shelf life: indefinite

Technically, rice doesn’t have an expiration date. This makes them the perfect food to stock up on when the apocalypse is upon us.

Photo courtesy of Reader’s Digest

Potato chips

Average shelf life: three to four months

Chips, in general, are highly processed, so they’ll definitely last longer especially if still unopened. Just dispose of them if they start to smell or taste stale.


Average shelf life: two to four months past the expiration date

Dairy is tricky to consume past its expiration date. But for butter, they’re good for a few months more after their best before labels. Just pop it in the freezer to store and then just thaw it when you need to use it.



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