Mar 2, 2018

It looks like the Swedes have life figured out.

First, they popularized the death cleaning method döstädning, which is an “approach to putting your life in order so your loved ones won’t have to.” This year, they’re introducing another trend that will surely pick up with the public.

Plogging comes from the Swedish phrase plocka upp, which means to pick up. The Telegraph already dubbed it as the “most 2018 fitness trend,” and we’re here for it. When you go out for a run, arm yourself with a trash bag (better if it’s biodegradable) and a pair of gloves and then get ready to pick up whatever trash you encounter on your trail. Simple, right?

Running is good cardio on its own, but all the bending and picking up you’ll be doing while plogging will activate more muscles (hello, shoulders, biceps, and quads!).

Even if you’re not a runner, you can still become a plogger (that quote will look good on a shirt). You can still pick up trash on your way to the gym and back. Gather a few friends so you could collect more trash; one can focus on picking up cigarette butts and the other can pick up plastic wrappers. Sure it may be a millennial trend now, but anything that can help the environment in return is a win-win situation for everyone.

“Anything that’s getting people out in nature and connecting positively with their environment is a good thing,” said Lizzie Carr, an environmentalist who helped pioneer Plastic Patrol, a nationwide campaign that rids inland waterways of plastic pollution in the U.K.

The Philippines is no stranger to plastic pollution. I went to a beautiful island in Zamboanga recently and even though it’s not widely popular yet, plastic was still everywhere. It’s a sad reality, yes, but with simple initiatives like plogging or trash running, we might be able to control it one day at a time.


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