Mar 7, 2018

Basic cooking skills are the foundation of everyone who cooks, a practicing chef or not. These nitty-gritties may come in the form of searing meat, scrambling eggs, and plating among many others. Having a refined set of skills makes them efficient in the kitchen and better culinarians.

If you don’t have the time to take formal cooking classes or if you did but your skills have become rusty, the executive chef of The Bistro Group and Southern Living cover personality, Josh Boutwood, is here to help.


Making the perfect scrambled eggs

You’re not cooking your eggs wrong—there’s just a better way of making them. But maybe if you really are wrong, then this video will teach you how. Here are Boutwood’s tips on making the fluffiest scrambled eggs.


Cooking steak

You can grill a steak, cook it in the oven, or roast it. But if you’re aiming for a medium rare meat that’s crusty on the outside and juicy on the inside, pan sear it the way the chef would.


Searing tuna steak

Want to sear your tuna like an award-winning chef? In this video, Boutwood reveals techniques on how to cook this flavorful and healthy seafood well.



Sometimes, we judge a dish by its plating. Elevate even your humble home-cooked meals by arranging them with precision and care. Boutwood will show you how to plate like a pro in this video.

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